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Medical Billing Services


Accumed Revenue Systems is a leading provider of comprehensive revenue cycle management (RCM) services tailored to meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations. With a strong focus on maximizing revenue and optimizing financial performance, Accumed offers a range of services designed to streamline billing processes, enhance collections, and improve overall revenue outcomes.


Our billing services leverage best in class technology to ensure bills are correctly delivered and easy to understand.


Experienced, specialized emergency department coders annually reviewed by three national ED coding companies.


We analyze your practice data and provide monthly reports to give you a clear view into your billing and receivables.


Complete solution for your credentialing needs, including provider enrollment applications and payer contract negotiations.


We proactively review claims to identify opportunities.

Follow Up

Appeals and contacts with insurance carriers to resolve any claims issues.


We can also help beyond the billing process with our partnership with a medical collections company that works only with medical receivables. It is becoming necessary in today’s environment to go beyond the billing process in order to maximise revenue.


  • Our software allows Accumed to quickly react and adjust our processes to your practice.
  • We partner with a full service IT partner that guarantees uptime and reliability.
  • We offer high speed imaging in-house with hard copied documents digitally archived.
  • HIPAA compliant file uploads/ downloads for Accumed clients